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My name is Margarita, and I have been a childcare provider for more than 25  years.

Over this period of time I have created and maintained wonderful relationships with many children and their parents, building long lasting friendships.
I have been fortunate enough to be able to do what I love for the last 25 years, and that is to work with children while raising my three daughters at the same time.

My children are now grown. Our eldest two daughters have a Master Degree from the University of London, England. Our youngest is a Montessori Certified Teacher locally.

My husband of 33 years decided to join my venture after spending 31 years in a management position in the Retail/Wholesale Business.

We are having so much fun with the children that we now have enrolled that it has awoken all our happy memories of when we were raising our own daughters.

I am Licensed by the State of California and have CPR Training.
Our philosophy is provide a safe, clean and playful environment were children can learn and grow. 

Aimee completed her BA in Psychology at UCLA and MS in Mental Health at King's College London. She provides educational and developmental interventions for infants, toddlers and young children at UCLA as well as consults privately for families in the Los Angeles area. 
She joins her parents weekly to offer a social skills group, which provides play-based instruction to teach play, communication, cooperation, and positive behaviors.